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The furniture industry is the mainstream of the overall design of the quality age

In recent years, with the continuous accumulation of enterprise development experience, the competition among furniture enterprises is not only confined to the price war, but we are looking for a breakthrough to explore and expand the comprehensive strength of the brand, and enter the subdivision from all levels. So we find that the competition in furniture industry is also changing. With the improvement of the external environment and the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the enterprises, the furniture industry will begin to focus on the higher level development of product quality, functional taste and enterprise brand.

Furniture industry

Style is more tasteful

With the change of people's life concept and the improvement of the living standard, the demand for home life is becoming more and more taste. The furniture style of furniture itself has become the mainstream of the furniture market this year. In addition to the traditional display of plate, red wood, and European style furniture, this year, functional furniture has occupied the mainstream display area of furniture products. Such as MPE bed, imported latex, humanized and intelligent; pine Castle Kingdom aircraft, marine, truck, cosmic star children's suite, "BBK" lifting chair, computer chair, not only pay attention to health and environmental protection, more emphasis on the spatial expansion, free adjustment and will take the children's furniture. As children age becomes higher and bigger...... These novel functional furniture styles are highly concerned.

Recently, small family housing has become the first choice for many working-class and young people, but it also can't stop their pursuit of grade furniture, and multi-functional, small and deformable small family furniture is coming out. The quality of the material is more quality

Market competition is fierce, furniture industry has many categories, product homogenization is more and more obvious, and competition mechanism is not perfect, which makes enterprises have to focus more on R & D, marketing and customer service. Under the support of a group of leading industry leading enterprises and related supporting integration, the furniture industry is gradually moving towards the quality age, forming unique competitiveness and influence.

Over the years, the popularity of furniture, in addition to style, and a very important aspect of the material. Although many people know that the solid wood of children's furniture is better than the plate type, they don't know that solid wood furniture is not a guarantee that children's furniture is natural and pollution-free. First of all, solid wood furniture selection as far as possible selection of material and technological production level leading, such as pine wood furniture in northern Europe Finland pine for the best. Secondly, the surface of the solid wood furniture are often in need of paint to ensure the service life, so the most environmentally friendly water-based varnish brush is particularly important, currently on the market there are many two or three lines of wood enterprises imitation brands of products, but in the material and surface treatment on the paint does not pass. Furniture made of natural materials, such as rattan, hemp and other furniture, is made of new materials made from plant wastes such as banana leaves. It is a symbol of furniture heading for quality era.

Overall brand sense

Some people say that the core of product marketing is brand, brand, and finally brand. What is brand? Brand is a kind of strength, brand is a kind of trust, brand is a kind of value, brand is a kind of idea.

How to sell products of high quality has become the most concerned problem of many enterprises and businesses. More and more home building materials enterprises are beginning to realize the importance of brand building. Many enterprises have greatly increased brand and industry visibility by increasing investment in brand building. Enterprises not only get development, but also lead furniture and building materials to brand era.