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Magicians Chat with ...
Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher spent his formative years in magic learning from the greats, such as Larry Jennings and Michael Skinner. His first major release, "Paper Engine: Tension, Focus and Design in Card Magic" solidified his reputation as one of todays most accomplished sleight of hand artists. His work with the pass is acknowledged as the gold standard worldwide.

But that's not all. Today, Aaron Fisher wows his audiences with not only world class sleight of hand, but laughter, showmanship and a one of a kind personality that leaves his audiences mesmerized.
Aaron Fisher

Wilm Weber: Today we are chatting with Aaron Fisher, a worldwide acknowledged slight of hand master, author of “Paper Engine” - one of the best books on card magic and inventor of “Bicycle Thief” - a brilliant card to pocket routine. Aaron has stunned audiences world wide and regularly appears at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Thank you very much for taking the time.
Aaron Fisher: Thanks for having me!

Wilm Weber: I had chance to catch you at the Magic Castle last time and really enjoyed your show. How do you develop your programs and what affects the selection of effects you present?
Aaron Fisher: At this point Wilm, it's all about building the show. Everything I build works toward making the show stronger, and assuming stronger, longer as well. Right now I'm working on about 15 minutes of new material, ten of which comes from tricks I worked on three years ago. I pulled those tricks from the act because they weren't working to my standards. I've been thinking about those tricks, as they lie in my 'garage' all this time. I think I've solved the problems, so I'm ready to try again. I still believe in those tricks. I'm excited to have another round.

Wilm Weber: What type of magic effects do like most besides card effects and why?
Aaron Fisher: Effects that work on stage. I'm interested in resonant imagery, color, visuals and dramatic content. These things don't seem very important to close up magicians on the whole, but I've learned the hard way that these issues are the ones that connect with an audience on stage. Of course, these principles also apply just as directly, ultimately, to close up work.

Wilm Weber: Who influences / has influenced your work most and how so?
Aaron Fisher: Tamariz, Penn and Teller, Mac King, Jon Stetson and Eric Mead all influence my work in that they provide strong inspiration. When i see these incredibly talented artists work, I strive to push my own show forward.

Tamariz is for structure and the many, many layer of deception required to transport the audience.

P & T are still pound for pound the strongest magic show in the world. Terrifyingly commercial, yet filled with strong points of view and honesty. They also teach us that no matter how successful you become, you still have to consistently develop new material. Otherwise, we stop growing.

Mac King has got the best comedy magic show I've ever seen - powerful magic presented in a truly funny way. In addition, the structure of his stage show provides a masterful example of what can be accomplished when you hone a piece of material for twenty years.

Jon Stetson and Eric Mead, along again with Tamariz, show what can happen when the performer opens himself up not only to the truth of the material, but of the moment as well. They each can work long form, in the neighborhood of two hours without a break. They each create the show again every time they perform. They each connect with the current audience and make every choice in real time from scratch. I feel that Jon Stetson is the Bruce Springsteen of magic, Eric is the Jerry Garcia of Magic....and Tamariz still lies beyond any comparison.

Wilm Weber: What tips can you give fellow magicians who want to improve their audience management techniques and presentation styles?
Aaron Fisher: PERFORM! do it every day until the pain recedes!

Wilm Weber: How did you discover your preference for the field of Card Magic over other magic disciplines?
Aaron Fisher: It discovered me. When the fever strikes do as Joseph Cambell suggested - Follow your bliss!

Wilm Weber: You got praised a lot for your adaptation of the pass in “The Paper Engine”. How did you learn the pass yourself? What was your biggest challenge with this move and what tips do you have for the rest of us wanting to master the pass?
Aaron Fisher: That's a tough one - in the coming months I'll be working extensively to address this issue on my website, The best advice I can give short term is to seek out classical sources, such as Expert at the Card Table, and then, no matter how dark the road gets, Follow the yellow brick road. Avoid modern videos if you value your life!

Wilm Weber: How were you able to make magic your main profession? Did you have any other job before you went "professional"? If so, how did you get to be successful enough to quit your day job and follow your passion?
Aaron Fisher: I sure did. I worked as a talent agent in Beverly Hills and I also worked at Columbia/Tri-Star Television on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I even worked in lighting on some feature films. Eventually, I was so miserable I simply couldn't continue. I was wasting my life. The most important thing you'll need if you want to make a run in this difficult business is desire - serious, major league, desire. As they tell you your first day of acting class, if there's any other possible career path you can take, take it. Because if your desire lacks in any way - you simply won't make it.

Wilm Weber: What kind of performance venues do you enjoy most and why?
Aaron Fisher: Well, I enjoy corporate events because of the ease of working and professional benefits. I enjoy colleges because of the fun audiences and fun energy. I enjoy nightclubs because you can be dirty! I love to do lectures from time to time because I enjoy helping magicians improve their card handling.

Wilm Weber: What's next for Aaron Fisher? Any new books, DVDs or other projects coming up?
Aaron Fisher: Im developing a brand new website for If you haven't signed up for my mailing list - do so immediately. You may want to be a member already by the time the new site launches.

Wilm Weber: Thank you very much for this interview and continued success!
Aaron Fisher: Thanks for giving me this great opportunity Wilm! Best of luck with your site!

Interview Date: 08/03/2007
Websites*: Aaron's Magic at Wizard Headquarters
Aaron's Site

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